March 10, 2021 Ali

Insanity # 7 – The Unroyal Revelations & The Royal Reverberations

Insanely Sane: Calling Out Absurdities & Curating Common Sense for The Greater Good

  • March 8th is a date that will haunt The House of Windsor for decades to come – a turning point for sure
  • “The Firm”, “The Institution” or “The Palace” whatever you call it has an “employee engagement” crises on hand
  • What we learned from Harry & Meghan’s interview is that Fairy Tales do not exist and as for Meghan…
  • The orientation, induction, probation & job description all failed – a global H.R firm to rescue of H.R.Hs please
  • To be fair Meghan has also dropped the ball big time – would she accept a movie role without reading the script 1st?
  • Yet the biggest administrative faux pas was the Exit Interview & cancelling the indemnity + the end of service package
  • With all the palaces that Monarchy has, one would think that a Garden Leave would have been a wise choice & approach
  • The title of Archie is a technical debate for the experts, removing family’s protection/detail is Penny Wise Pound Foolish
  • Auction of seabed around England & Wales by Crown Estate will fetch £8.8bn over the next 10 years from major oil cos.
  • Total cost of detail & protection for Harry & Meghan est. at £3.6m/yr. would translate to £180m over the next 50 years
  • Context: U.K Gov. spent £10bn extra on PPE Protecting the Prestige of the Establishment can not be a free lunch
  • Imagine a ransom case for Harry’s family without security in U.S & the crises, embarrassment that The Palace had to face?
  • “Behavioural Finance Lever” utilised by The Royal Credit Administrators should have not been part of the equation
  • This week not the Faberge Eggs, but the eggs of protocol, privacy and secrecy were all broken during this interview
  • Oprah got some eggs from the Sussexes chicken farm for her “Media Omelette”- some avocados with that Oprah?

Staying Sober, Sound & Sensible


  • The most significant & disturbing element of this royal saga revelations are cantered around the accusations of racism
  • That “a member of royal family raised concerns about how dark Archie’s skin would be” is what matters most
  • Now that this story is out it can not be “dealt with in Private” – a dash too late to solve it privately one would think
  • Imagine how people of colour (POC) who work in the palace will feel after this interview?
  • If the culprit is within “The Firm” he/she should be given a “Pink Slip” and escorted to the gates of The Palace
  • Anything short of that would further damage the “golden veneer” of The Institution – some head/s must roll
  • U.K is in midst of a mental health tsunami and any effort in denying significance of the crises is negligent & naive
  • Human Beings have emotions, sentiments & fragilities – prince or plumber, both have hearts & heartaches
  • Mental Health will take its toll in The U.K – and it is not “ the common’s disease” only – it’s a human condition
  • Now to Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex – every man/woman needs Mentors and role models to look up to in life
  • Harry’s rocky relationship w/ Prince of Wales & the impact of tragic death of Princess Diana are all real factors of his life
  • Prince Andrew the uncle & his reputational car crash of late in Epstein files & “moral cavity” must have created a big void
  • One can only wonder, who did the brothers look up to, and leaned on in times of crises & their formative years?
  • A great part of this story reflects deeper roots that neither the media has time for, nor public the luxury to hone in
  • Listen to Dr. Gabor Maté who is a leading global expert on costs of hidden stress – a must listen to:

  • Some U.S channels/anchors “are shocked” by the alleged traces of racism in The U.K – “The kettle calling the pot black?”
  • But can we today sincerely deny the fact that the termite of racism still exists in foundations of many of the democracies?
  • Apparently ViacomCBS paid $7m for the licensing rights to Harpo the production company of Oprah and…
  • 17m tuned in U.S to watch the interview, while 62m watched her interview with Michael Jackson three decades ago
  • Harry & Meghan have also signed a $100m streaming deal with Netflix and Spotify
  • While the ratings of the news channels CBS & ITV shot through the roof we should not forget…
  • The corrosive role many news agencies, tabloids play in their toxic coverage & brewing regular crises in the 1st place
  • The search for quick high/rush of today’s fast media is akin to assassination of facts & realities & burying what matters…
  • Perhaps the biggest victims of this interview are not only The Monarchs, but also all of us…
  • For having failed to go beyond “ the right and wrong” – you can argue that taking sides is in human nature
  • But Rumi says “Beyond Right & Wrong, There is a Place & I Shall Meet You There”
  • What we have to recognise is that without a spiritual compass in an ever-changing world we’ll continue to fail to get there
  • World is gripped with major issues, inst. racism, pandemic, climate change, man-made famine, creeping tech & job losses

Baby Archie’s innocent advice & favourite sentence “drive safe” is the wisest key takeaway for me from these revelations!

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