September 20, 2022 Ali

Insanity #14: The Temperature of the Truth – Can We Handle It?

Calling Out Absurdities & Curating Common Sense for The Greater Good


  • The political establishments around the world find themselves in an “orgy of crises”: economic + geopolitics + environment
  • Blindfolded by hubrishandcuffed with deficits, policy pants down, & in state of jar for what was meant to be uninterrupted Growth Orgasm
  • GDP Highs sustained with quarterly shoots/injections of bad debt, continuous sniffing of QE glue & washed down with more privatization
  • Ignoring food & energy security, resources (key minerals) & micro-chips, they lost sight of Substance & focused on Signaling (virtue signaling)
  • Intoxicated with GDP growth at any cost, they all disregarded the warning signs & lost sight for GDP: Gross Disaster Preparation
  • As it standsReciprocity’s not just a bilateral mode of engagement between countries, but importantly between the climate/earth & humanity
  • Wildfires blazing across the world, as if Mother Nature drops it’s own “Napalm”reminding us of the fallacies of unnecessary forever wars
  • Many “Dev. Economies”realize that the dividend season for real shareholder/pensioners/the masses has arrived & yet not much to pay/show
  • Most of future threats remain internal due to combustion of chronic austerity “leveling down”under investment in developing Resilience
  • Ordinary people will soon ask their Governments: “How have our lives progressed against these stats and “growth rates & GDPs?”

Staying Sober, Sound & Sensible…


“The Lamp Needed At Home, is Forbidden to The Mosque”

Q1: The moral of this wise ancient Persian proverb is that if a house is not lit, warm, well nourished, prosperous, it should not lend it’s light even to place of worship. Shouldn’t countries with chronic, structural, socio-economic pains at home, 1st put their own houses in order before embarking on aggressive adventures of “exporting values, prosperity & democracy?” Strength Starts at The Sovereign State.

Q2: The convergence of droughts + rising sea levels + wild fires + supply chain disruptions & DOA Denial of Access and hacking are a cyclone of crises. How many countries have the mitigation policies, alliances & resources to address one or all at any given time?

Q3: Interests rates are rising; yet the interest levels & attention spans of the ruling elites are falling. They think they can all live on Mars! In light of exponential frequency & severity societies have to deal with, isn’t it high time for a new ministry: MOND (Ministry of Natural Disasters)? 30-40% of the Defence Budgets must shift to Natural Disasters prediction, mitigation, resilience & response capabilities.


“Be Nice to Thy Neighbor”

Q1: Do you remember PIGS (Portugal + Italy + Greece + Spain) an acronym so acrimoniously & arrogantly coined by E.U North to E.U South countries? Spain & Portugal connect Iberian gas pipeline to Cent. & Northern Europe to save their neighbours from cold & misery.

Q2: In a New World Order shouldn’t the distribution of power in E.U go beyond just budget deficit thresholds & military expenditure, and more so centered on the encompassing prosperity & safety of the continent in a broader context? For too long we have measured, judged nations only on fiscal metrics and this is heavily accentuated, leveraged in Europe’s fiscal structure. Don’t believe me, ask Thy Neighbour!

Q3: E.U needs a C5 Continental Climate Catastrophe Command Centre. A neighbourhood with 26 houses in deluge or engulfed in wildfires will be a very unhappy community very soon. Wouldn’t Germany be safer by deploying that Euro 100bn to this cause? No gunboat or navy vessel can move on a dry Rhine anyway.    


Nancy Playing Russian Roulette in China’s Backwaters

Q1: Diplomacy is dead and “Diplomessy” is Alive! Why to create more mess out of already messy situations & inducing new conflicts?

Q2: What’s the impact on climate in case of combined conflicts in Strait of Taiwan & The Black Sea? A guaranteed +1.5 C?

Q3: Can the West be in labor of 2 winters with limited energy, grains, fertilizers, possibly microchips & rare earths? What’s Plan D? Delusion or Dialogue? Many of the Western taxpayers may find themselves in the Boiling Frog Syndrome as their politicians increase the heat instead of decompressing and deescalating.


The War With Mother Nature

Q1: US just passed a bill of $369bn for climate change. That is $36.9bn/annum for next 10 years or only 4% of the annual defense budget of U.S allocated to climate. Key question: Which military on earth can stand a “Fukushima Test?” How can remilitarization address the challenges of Climate Emergency? Can NATO handle 8 major simultaneous climate emergencies on U.S/E.U/Allies’ soils despites it’s 8 fold increase?

Q2: “We did not go to Afghanistan to nation build” Joe Biden Jul 8th 2021 – Mr. President what have we left behind in Afghanistan? What has been the net contribution of many of the recent & on-going (incl. Ukraine) wars on “Net Zero”? A Net catastrophe assessment is long overdue.

Q3: As masses find themselves in direct line of a Net Hardship Avalanche, are there any credible politicians left to show some air pockets for the societies who will soon ask “Is it true that if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes politics?”


The next innovation we badly need is a Hypograph, a machine like polygraph to measure & detect Hypocrisy. Solid orders & an off-take agreement with crowd funding from caring citizens & taxpayers are guaranteed. Any inventors out there?



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