Beirut – 40 Days On

A Short Poem on the 40th Day of Beirut Disaster

I saw a city in the midst of a blast

I see a city too small yet too vast

It saw a temple that was serene

I see a temple that hurts within

I saw a city famous for its bride’s white

I see a city scarred by shard, holding hands tight

I saw a temple of Fairouz & Khalil

I see a temple searching for Dalil*

I saw a city filled with joy & bustle

I see a city now that may yet hustle

It was a temple singing a song

It is a temple yearning too long

I saw a city under the sun

I see a city mourning its sons

It was a temple that faced its fears

It is a temple now wiping its tears

I saw a port that was old and bold

I see a port scorched and enfold

It was magic right by the sea

It is tragic what we all must see

I saw a city that used to sing and dance

I see a city that’s mourning in trance

I asked the city what is your name?

She smiled saying “don’t you know about my fame?”

I paused and wondered what should I say

She gazed at me saying, “those who did it, will pay!”

“My name is Beirut, I have deep Roots

Mont Lebanon can’t be uproot”

“You see a city, in pain and strain

Yet one thing is certain, I will rise again. “


September 14th 2020
Ali Borhani
* Dalil in Arabic: Proof/Sign/Reason
   Photo Credit : @RamyKabalan